Truman Development welcomes you to the Princeton Conceptual Scheme! Thank you to those that participated in our virtual engagement period for this project, we have summarized a report of what we heard here.

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Located in Rocky View County, the Princeton lands make up approximately 65 acres, just south of the TransCanada Highway and west of Garden Road. The existing Prince of Peace Village, Manor and Community Centre, the Prince of Peace Lutheran School and Church, several businesses, and many homes along Luther Rose Boulevard are all located south of the project site.


Watch our brief video presentation to learn more about Truman’s Prince of Peace Conceptual Scheme.

Truman Development is proposing to create a Conceptual Scheme for the Princeton lands. The Conceptual Scheme will create a framework for future proposed land uses and amenities and where they will be placed in the area.

Truman is proposing a low-density layout that blends into and enhances the existing feel of the area with land uses, including.

  • Primarily single-family homes
  • Multi-family residential developments
  • Open green spaces


For over 35 years, Truman has been building properties of exceptional quality and distinguished craftsmanship in Calgary and surrounding areas with the core belief that everyone can live better. As a family-run company, Truman takes pride in the level of attention and care given to each customer and development.

Truman specializes in building country estates, single-family homes, and suburban multi-family developments in Calgary and surrounding areas. Truman’s construction and design practices continue to push its developments to the forefront of the industry for best practices and successful projects.


What is a Conceptual Scheme?
Conceptual Scheme is a non-statutory planning document outlining the land uses, overall design & provides development guidance for an area. The details covered in a Conceptual Scheme include but are not limited to:

  • Residential areas
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Road networks
  • Community amenities

What is Truman proposing to do?
On the Princeton lands, Truman is proposing to develop a low-density residential community with the following land uses.

  • Primarily single-family homes
  • Multi-family residential developments
  • Open green spaces

When can I expect construction to kick off?
Construction timing is still yet unknown as the planning and approvals processes can take some time. In the best-case scenario, construction could start as early as 2023 and the community will then be built in phases.

How can I get involved?
We are keen to hear your questions and comments about this project and want to do so safely. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are engaging virtually, using this website to share information with you and gather your input. To share your perspectives with us, please visit the Contact section below before April 9th, 2022 to have your say. Your input will help us to further refine the Princeton Conceptual Scheme.

The Princeton Conceptual Scheme will eventually be considered for approval by Rocky View County Council at a public hearing which will act as the final opportunity to provide input on this project.

How does a Conceptual scheme relate to other planning policies?
Within the Rocky View County planning hierarchy, a Conceptual Scheme is a non-statutory planning document that falls underneath the umbrella of an Area Structure Plan (ASP), to further delineate the details of the development. The project falls is within the Conrich ASP, for more information please visit their website.


Our engagement period is open until April 9th, 2022.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your comments with us!